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Of them I also kept forgetting her father was alive and lived with herMy biggest issue I think as a horse person myself was that they kept referring to the main horse as the colt He s a two year old race horse I ve never heard an owner constantly refer to their horse as the colt or the filly instead of by its name I probably wouldn t read this author again but the writing wasn t horrible just boring Easy to read interesting plot line Emma Clareborn has a horse farm and is training a horse named Navigator for the to read interesting plot line Emma Clareborn has a horse farm and is training a horse named Navigator for the crown but someone is trying to keep him from racing so she hires a bodyguard names Mac Titus who was a former Secret Service agent before he got wounded on the job Good Boo. St and forced some gun toting criminals out into the open still mac had a job to do Still Mac had a job to do that reuired focus and determination if he was going to keep Emma safe Too bad his greatest distraction came from the woman he'd been hired to protect. ,

Interesting 425 This book was overall a really good book The biggest thing was well there were two One it felt like Emma kept wanting to only get in the bedroom felt odd is all 2nd maybe I missed it but where were they going to BombAlso nding could of drawn out a touch but I might of
"been in a "
in a to finish still good storyline I m curious about this author s career I ve read some of her books and they left a good memory I think people who love horses will like this story I was impressed by the way Jan Hambright built the romance between the couple in a smooth but very Internet Marketing for Smart People effective way simple sentences noxaggerated drama but I WOULD LIKE IT TO BE DEVELOPED like it to be developed also liked the realistic way. He Was Hired To Be Her BodyguardEmma Clareborn banked verything she had on saving her family farm But after one accident too many to her and to her award winning colt it was time to hire a bodyguard But the minute she saw Mac Titus she ,

The hero faced his impairment accepting it gradually although with some suffering Miniseries Bodyguard Of The Month of the Month good can t wait to read the next book Body Armor Jan Hambright is a talented author I njoyed this book This story was intense with action that made me hold my breath at times Mac was hired as a body guard because of all 25 starsThis was mostly just boring Other than it take place in December it s not really Christmas themed The title doesn t fit Tales From Underwood either like what was being counted down I also wasn t super fond of the stereotypical terrorist cell That plot just didn t seem to mesh with the rest of the story I didn t dislike the hero or heroine nor did I connect withither. New he could do damage to her heart than some faceless strangers could do to her homeKeeping His Hands To Himself Wasn't In The Job DescriptionMac Titus knew coming to Firehill Farm was a mistake It only resurrected the ghosts from his pa.
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Summary Christmas Countdown

Christmas Countdown