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Her fear was that a mass suicide would not be appreciated as a sincere and historic statement I now we can t worry about how what we do will be interpreted maybe in some 50 years someone will understand and perhaps be motivated I don t have much illusion about all that I just hate to see it all go for naught Carolyn Layton Peoples Temple member and mother of one of Jim Jones childrenJeff Guinn lays everything out in The Road to Jonestown Jim Jones and the Peoples Temple he retraces the earliest days Jones childhood in rural Indiana and catapults towards the last day in November 1978 The story is riveting perhaps because we all Tootles The Taxi And Other Rhymes know the ending and we are so curious how something could go so wayward and catastrophically wrong and part because Guinn s research is so in depth He uses a multitude of sources interviews with survivors and defectors This book is mostly composed of what I can only describe as administrative details of Jim Jones s People Temple Pages and pages and pages of unimportant forgettable detail The move to Jonestown where 900 Americans would meet their tragic end in the Guyanese jungle at the orders of their cult leader doesn t even happen until 350 pages into the book The murdersuicide itself gets crammed into about 3 paragraphs I don t understand why this author chose to prioritize the irrelevant and gloss over the significant I would not recommend this I gave this book 2 stars the third star is for me for slogging through this my husband got me this as a Christmas present so I was or less contractually obligated The beginning chapters of this bio were a little unilluminating except for the odd habit that the child Jim Jones had of conducting animal funerals which he made other smaller children than himself attend He did notill these animals apparently he just found them There was one instance that went beyond this a childhood playmate said he lured a puppy to its death through a door in the floor onto the concrete below He also venerated Hitler and his goose steppers unlike the other boys in his town who wanted to be like the US soldiers and generals of World War 2 He forced littler boys to goose step around and if they did it not do it to his liking he whipped them This got him into trouble with their parents Only these incidents shed a light on the monster to comeAt first Jim Jones and his Peoples Temple followers were outstanding examples of racial euality and true goodness as they sincerely fed and clothed the poor and disenfranchised They also took care of the elderly in homes set up by the church which took no payment if you were indigent He helped poor people along with his wife Marceline to wade through mountains of red tape to help them sign up for disability or welfare He helped people get jobs and housing and worked to make life better for his followers and the community If he had been On My Knees (Stark International Trilogy, killed or died when he still lived in Indiana everyone would have celebrated his life But he moved to California and became and greedy and powerful He wasn t content with what he or the church members were doing He began to berate and physically and mentally abuse his people There was also drug abuse and sexual abuse by him of his members women and men and in at least one case an underage girl The book became and enthralling as the author got closer to Jones complete corruptionOther items that fascinated me in the book and that I nevernew before was Jones connection to the San Francisco political scene He new Mayor George Moscone and Harvey Milk and they came to his church services They wanted to get the support of Jones and his church because Jones and the Peoples Temple were influential in the black community and could get out the vote by literally driving their church buses around to take people to the polesA great book it opened my eyes to much that I didn t now and revealed a gray area in that probably most of his followers took the poison voluntarily They really believed in him He could have been so much than he settled for a mass murderer and a liar and a thief Pardon my rambling my mind has not been this blown by a book in a long long timeFirst and foremost a large thank you to NetGalley Jeff Guinn and Simon Schuster for providing me with a copy of this book which allows me to provide you with an unbiased reviewMy ongoing trek though the world of biographies would not have been complete without a comprehensive piece about an individual who is often misunderstood in history Jeff Guinn has provided this with his stellar piece on Jim Jones and the winding road to Jonestown site of the infamous cult mass suicide in 1978 Guinn focusses the rise and power of Jim Jones exemplifying his ability to hoard power and hone his leadership skills while captivating a following of the common person Armed with the power of the delivered word and absolute authority Jones sought not only to

the The Road to Jonestown Jones and Peoples Temple is among the best comprehensive and authoritative books written covering the Jonestown massacre that claimed the lives of 918 people in Guyana South America on November 18 1978 Author Jeff Guinn began his extensive research in 2014 and studied the fascinating story behind the grim and sensational media reports and headlines There are thousands of documents and photographs contained in government archives on Jim Jones and the Peoples Temple interviews with survivors and those associated including spouses relatives friends and others who shared valuable insight related to the tragedy as a shocking truthful biographical portrait emerged of the Reverend James Warren Jones 1931 78The birth of Jim Jones JJ wasn t welcomed or celebrated his mother Lynetta Putnam 1902 77 was profoundly disappointed with her third marriage to James Thurman Jones 1887 1951 a disabled WWI veteran Though Lynetta believed her son would one day be a great man she had no maternal instinct remaining indifferent and detached from the growth and development of her only child JJ learned from an early age to get the attention and acceptance he needed from sympathetic neighbors and relatives who often took him to church there he would learn tactics to influence and manipulate others to ease his fragile ego and self esteem As a young man JJ studied the writing of Marx Stalin and Hitler also Mahatma Gandhi Once affiliated with the Communist party his ideology was based on racial euality economic and social justice religion was used as a means to promote his agenda through the pulpitMarceline Baldwin Jones m1949 78 was stunned to learn JJ views on the Biblical gospel and nearly divorced him The desire to improve the world through socialism was important and attainable she would always support this vision The couple had one biological son would be the first white family to adopt a black child and added several mixed race children to their Rainbow Family Ronnie their first foster child protested adoption by Jones demanding to be returned to his mother insteadIn 1965 JJ relocated Peoples Temple to Ukiah CA leaving "the racially intolerant culture in Indiana he also had an irrational fear of nuclear war At the Redwood Valley location the "racially intolerant culture in Indiana he also had an irrational fear of nuclear war At the Redwood Valley location the reached the highest level of popularity and power attracting followers from every walk of life Me. By the New York Times bestselling author of Manson the comprehensive authoritative and tragic story of preacher Jim Jones who was responsible for the Jonestown Massacre the largest murder suicide in American historyIn the 1950s a young Indianapolis minister named Jim Jones preached a curious blend of the gospel and Marxism His congregation was racially integrated and he was a much lauded leader in the contemporary civil rights movement Eventually Jones moved his church Peoples Temple to northern California He became involved in. The Road to Jonestown Jim Jones and Peoples Temple

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A master manipulator When people are able to confidently trust their own judgement they become a lot difficult to manipulate When the next Jim Jones begins to gather followers prior exposure to the concepts tactics used by previous leaders could make all the differenceThis is an eye opening comprehensive biography written in a logical approachable way I recommend it for anyone everyone who reads The Road to Jonestown Jim Jones and the People s Temple by Jeff Guinn is a 2017 Simon Schuster publication Thoroughly chillingWhile I was only in my early teens in 1978 I still recall the news footage of the Jonestown Massacre I understood on some level what had happened but I couldn t fully digest it I tried not to watch the news reports and steered clear of conversations about it because it made me extremely uncomfortable It was too much for me to cope with and in all honesty I still can t wrap my head around it Part of me wanted to read this book in hopes of garnering some understanding of how something like this happened But another part of me didn t want to relive that horrible piece of history where over nine hundred people lost their lives But the outstanding reviews convinced me to read it and while I still find these events uite upsetting I am glad I read the book To say this was a comprehensive account of Jim Jones life is an understatement of epic proportions This book is an exacting well researched serious and non biased look at one of the most monstrous cult leaders of all time We all now how this will end The uestion is How did it beginI won t make this into a book report if I can help it but I did want to touch on some of the impressions I was left with One of the weirdest things about all this is that it didn t start out as being all that different from many fundamentalist church doctrines or beliefs Jim s wife was zealously religious and the couple did present themselves as believing in God and practiced the core Christian values most of us are familiar with It is easy to see how Jim ingratiated himself into the ministry profession and why he experienced praise for his genuine service and help to those in need He was particularly sensitive to the black community and freely welcomed them and worshipped alongside them in a time when such actions raised eyebrows However he uickly shucked off any semblance of being a true believer and began working the tent revival circuit faked healings and performed miracles including raising people from the dead But there was an audience for that sort of thing especially in that era of time and he was hardly the only one out there working that particular con But religion and doing good deeds were not the cult s only draw I was amazed at how political it was Jones was an ardent socialist and I think many people joined his church because these ideals without embracing any religious worship of God This book took me on stunning and harrowing journey step by horrifying step as he morphed into an actual cult leader and managed to mesmerize his followers into doing anything he wanted them to I won t go into the details because I want you to see for yourself how vile narcissistic cruel contradictory and sick he really was It is an incredible profile of a man who conned swayed manipulated lied and corrupted so many people yet managed to amass wealth while rubbing elbows with celebrities and politicians who often praised him for his good deeds As the book progresses we see how as his psychosis deepened and as his power increased so did his ego and his darker tendencies completely took over fueled by his paranoia need for control and by his use of drugs So the closer I came to the climactic events in Jonestown I began to dread having to read it in such graphic details The phrase don t drink the Koolaid it wasn t really the trademarked Koolaid but Flavor aid a cheaper generic brand is a familiar one used to insult anyone exhibiting a certain level of gullibility and became a common pop culture saying The Jonestown deaths uickly became renowned not as grandly defiant revolutionary gesture but that ultimate example of human gullibility Cults didn t go away after the Jonestown massacre There were still headline grabbing standoffs and mass suicides although nothing that ever came close to topping Jonestown But it SEEMED that maybe with a enlightened educated progressive majority in "America These Charismatic Charlatans May "these charismatic charlatans may finally lost their appeal or ability to lure mass followings as we began to hear less and less about religious cults Demagogues recruit by uniting a disenchanted element against an enemy then promising to use religion or politics or a combination of the two to bring about rightful change While I swore to myself I would not go here I could not help but notice parallels between Jim Jones personality traits such as his inability to delegate or share or his penchant to lash out deflect punish seek restitution and refuse any hint of apology or compromise but still managed to lure in folks nowing just what they needed and wanted to hear thus securing an almost unshakable loyalty are traits that are noticeably prevalent in other prominent leaders who have come into power The resemblance was so eerily uncanny at times I still get chills down my spine thinking about it The less he was recognized and appreciated by the outside world the grander he proclaimed himself to the followers remaining to him One of the most gruesome pictures included in this book is a photo depicting many of the deceased lying face down in what looked like a grass hut pavilion with a sign hanging on the wall directly above Jones personal chair that statedThose who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat itEven though I did remember the events that took place in Guyana in 1978 I never sought to learn about Jim Jones than was necessary So most of what was detailed here I was largely unaware of I have to tell you it s pretty shocking Jim Jones is one of the strangest people I ve ever read about He was "Crazy But Smart Did Kind "but smart did ind compassionate things for people in need was incredible charismatic but could turn on someone in an instant meting out horrific punishments both physical and psychological He could switch from mean to incredibly nice in an instant He was delusional believing himself to be God and expected unuestionable loyalty from his followers and he usually got it But it started to unravel and disillusionment did start to set in with some uestioning his decisions or outright refusing to obey Yet as we all now many remained enthralled right up to the bitter end I can t praise the author enough for the clear concise layout used here The book is organized well constructed is presented chronologically and reads like a true crime novel in many ways I was riveted glued to the pages still unable to grapple with the reality of Jones life and the path he ultimately took to Guyana There may always be a part of my heart and mind that can t accept that over 900 people drank cyanide laced punch at his behest including children This book though left me with no place to hide forcing me to accept these events as a gruesome hideous and incredibly tragic part of America s history My fervent hope is that history never repeats itself 5 stars. Laced drinkGuinn examined thousands of pages of FBI files on the case including material released during the course of his research He traveled to Jones’s Indiana hometown where he spoke to people never previously interviewed and uncovered fresh information from Jonestown survivors He even visited the Jonestown site with the same pilot who flew there the day that Congressman Leo Ryan was murdered on Jones’s orders The Road to Jonestown is the definitive book about Jim Jones and the events that led to the tragedy at Jonestown. Mbers lived communally pooling income and resources caring for the sick disable No one listening even those who were the most devoted to him could take it all in But at some point each follower heard something that reaffirmed his or her personal reason for belonging to Peoples Temple and for believing in Jim Jones As Jonestown historian Fielding McGehee observes What you thought Jim said depended on who you wereThe comprehensive and tragic story of preacher Jim Jones who was responsible for the Jonestown Massacre that saw the death of 900 people in a huge mass suicideIncredibly well researched and well written The Road to Jonestown provides a chronological timeline from Jim Jones childhood to the final days of his life in Jonestown Guyana If you re interested in the ENTIRE story behind the creation and expansion of the Peoples Temple I would highly recommend thisThe level of detail is fascinating it really gave me the insight and scope that I was looking for although this is perhaps not what everyone is looking for I was really fascinated with those sections that detailed the beginning of the Peoples Temple it s almost difficult to grasp the good these people tried to do and the Temple really did appear to have the best intentions at the beginning It s sad to Building Vocabulary Skills know how it all turns outSome parts were really shocking for me as well I thought Inew a lot about Jim Jones and the Peoples Temple but I was constantly finding out little tidbits that I hadn t heard before such as Jim s control over the members in terms of their sex lives and the fact that he could pretty much decide who he wanted to sleep with and these members were than happy to let their wives sleep with Jones WTF The control this man had was truly mind blowing He was so incredibly egotistical paranoid and power hungry so it was only a matter of time before this cocktail became destructive Perhaps a tad long but I was never bored and the narrator for the audiobook was fantastic Highly recommended to all those with an interest in cults 4 stars The Road to Jonestown was fascinating and depressing I listened to the audio The author Jeff Guinn did a great job of tracing Jim Jones history and the events leading up to the mass suicide in Jonestown It s a good study of the making of a narcissistic paranoid megalomaniac It s still hard for me to understand how Jones attracted and Sheet Metal Shop Practice kept his many followers but I feel that I get it a bit Jones had a great need for approval and adulation and he seemed to be able to zero in on people who were vulnerable whether psychologically or materially While Jones relationship with his followers was ripe for many abuses including his ultimate abuse at the end it is clear that many people were drawn to Jones message that he was their true protector against a world intent on hurting them Guinn also manages to be fair in his portrayal showing how Jones started off with decent ideas about racial and economic euality but how his insatiable appetite for adulation and power combined with his paranoia overtook anything good in The People s Temple It may be hard for some to read given that we allnow what happens at the end but I certainly found it worth the time While the outcome in Jonestown is off the charts this is not a uniue example of people blindly following a demented leader It s worth trying to understand how that can happen For those who like audiobooks it s worth noting that the audio version is also well read Won this book in a Goodreads giveaway After I received it I met the author at the San Antonio Book Festival and got my book signed In The Road to Jonestown Jim Jones and the People s Temple the author does a good job describing Jim Jones and the events that lead up to the suicide murder through extensive research and interviews I remember hearing about it on the car #Radio When I Was # when I was youngen yet not truly understanding the horrendous act until many years later If you want to learn new details as I did or want Cait and the Devil know the story behind Jones and Jonestown this is the book to read So I ve always sort of had a grim fascination with cults extreme religious groups It s one of humanity s most despicable tendencies but it s incredibly interesting to me to see how groups of otherwise intelligent people become entrapped in factions like this that are so easy to condemn in hindsightThis story in particular held my attention because1 Many folks Inow were actually alive when the tragedy of Jim Jones Peoples Temple came about as it happened in the late 70 s This makes the story feel very relevant2 Until I stumbled across this book I was under the impression that Jones himself was a religious zealot that his cult was formed wholly around a religious purposeUpon finishing I see that this cult was actually formed upon a basis of social change but under a religious guiseJim Jones is well nown for performing his miracles calling himself a reincarnation of God etc but for some reason I had never really heard that the driving force behind his organization was actually Socialism But while was impressed with the aspects of a Socialist society that brought eual wealth opportunity to all s not accurate to say that he successfully represented the ideals he preached For example author Jeff Guinn notes that Jones ideology specifically sought to alleviate the plight of African Americans but the social structure of his temple never empowered members of his African American congregation Guinn does an excellent job taking readers through the life of Jones from his early childhood up to the events at the end of his life that made him infamous noting the aspects of his upbringing personality that created the perfect combination for a successful manipulative leader The story of Jones life is pieced together in a way that makes it clear how his web of influence slowly grew into an intimidating unuestionable force that lured so many to their deaths It s frightening to hear the snippets of testimony from survivors that are included in this biography While many were devoted followers still a notable number of folks who became entangled in Peoples Temple either began as dissenters or were privy to Jones false performances Some cited their reason for staying involved as having hope that Jones would really bring about social change while others said that their gut instinct was overridden by the fact that so many other people they loved respected were staying It can t be wrong if all these other people feel it s right rightAnd this is exactly why it s so important for us to teach children early in their lives to uestion everything heed their own instincts and now what it feels like to think for themselves I m not necessarily saying that none of the members of Peoples Temple were capable of those things Tons of people throughout the history of human existence have fallen in behind dictators religious leaders who have ultimately led them awry and it s a foolish notion to believe you are not capable of falling into the same trap But if there s anything to be taken from reading this story others like it it s the importance of familiarizing ourselves with what these situations look like feel like Recognizing the warning signs is one of the first defense mechanisms available when faced with. Electoral politics and soon was a prominent Bay Area leaderIn this riveting narrative Jeff Guinn examines Jones’s life from his extramarital affairs drug use and fraudulent faith healing to the fraught decision to move almost a thousand of his followers to a settlement in the jungles of Guyana in South America Guinn provides stunning new details of the events leading to the fatal day in November 1978 when than nine hundred people died including almost three hundred infants and children after being ordered to swallow a cyanide. ,

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