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Neko yRse If Sci fi isour thing Artificial Evolution delivers It s a great continuation of previous characters although the book stands on its own if ou haven t read the others so no need to worry The characters engage again a new high flying often dangerous and insanely deep adventure I m amazed at how uniue and complex each of their personalities are am entertained by the appropriate dashes of humor unexpected twists and plot twists that come satisfyingly full circle and am often curious at how the author know all this stuff and describes things like how the author know all this stuff and describes things like travel in such realistic detail He s rather gifted for sure It s also a long book for those that like to really get into and savor a long and satisfying read So sit back and enjoy it It s a wild ride with a GREAT ending. Still nipping at the heels of the terrorist group known as the Neo Luddites Rumors of an attempt to secure a devastating weapon bring the pair to a forgotten little planet in an undeveloped corner of the galaxy Circumstances reuire that local authorities lay claim to the terrorists' apparent target but what sort of threat could one gangly collection of anatomical curiosities pose to the galaxy The answer to that uestion will put our heroes to the of anatomical curiosities pose to the galaxy

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Joseph R. Lallo Å 2 Summary


Books of Robert Heinlein but was let down by the movie adaptation of Starship Troopers Joseph R Lallo has bested RAH with Artificial Evolution Lallo delivers againThis series is like an adrenaline junkie for readers and so far the author has hit 3 for 3 I m very glad to see all the familiar returning characters I look forward to buying the next in the series when I m ready for no sleep Fun little universe to come back toI loved the first 2 Books Recently Discovered The recently discovered the has continued I wish Kindle could do better promoting of authors series and seuels Eliminating already read Presenting newThis series has very fun characters and the good guys win I ve enjoyed all of the Big Sigma books so far They re just big adventure stories set in a spacey sci fi unive. Remarkable what a single corporate agent with the resources of a multi global conglomerate can do to a person's career In the space of a few days Lex is looking for work and Michella is feeling pressure from the network to ease off the hard hitting stories Not one to be silenced Michella uickly hatches a plan to continue her investigations under the guise of a fluff story about a so called extraterrestrial and who better to be her personal driver than Lex Meanwhile mercenaries Silo and Garotte are. Fantastically great storyThis book Is Fantastic Very Good fantastic Very good that kept me fully entertained Looking forward to reading the next book in fantastic Very good story that kept me fully entertained Looking forward to reading the next book in series Love this series Tons of fun Another great read If ou haven not read the first two in the series GET THEM NOW And then get book four Writing style is a subjective thing For some reason I personally don t like it But the story is so good I keep reading the series anyway If I loved the writing style too I d probably stop doing anything else XD Every scifi series has to have one of these self replicating robot scourge arcsI was a
bit vary once 
vary once started to get the idea of what was coming but in the end this one doesn t disappoint Bit predictable maybe but still pretty good Another great read from JRL I grew up loving the. Artificial Evolution is the third book in the Big Sigma series building upon the story and characters introduced by Bypass Gemini and Unstable Prototypes Lex Michella and Suee are once again joined by the mercenaries Silo and Garotte Along the way they'll need plenty of help from mad engineer Karter Dee and his AI Ma After butting heads with the megacorporation known as VectorCorp it was only a matter of time before Lex Alexander and his girlfriend Michella Modane would face the conseuences It is. Artificial Evolution Big Sigma #3