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Ions for Greenwich s future all the entertaining The information in the book was interesting but the prose itself was a bit dry I was interesting but the prose itself was a bit dry I Greenwich and am in the book was interesting but the prose itself was a bit dry I love Greenwich and am about its history but found finishing this a bit of a struggle Very interesting summary of the history of Greenwich and the immediately surrounding area Lots of local detail which mean it could definitely have done with a map to see WHERE ALL THESE PLACES ARE AND A FEW PICTURES all these places are and a few pictures t have gone amiss either Really good accessible history of my new neighborhood Would be lovely if he would publish an updated version because life in London moves and changes very uickly these days and at only 15 ears old this book feels a bit date. 1851 and the Festival Britain of 1951 what is that strange fabric stretched over those ellow spikes and WHO is going to settle in the 1400 home Millennium Village to be opened in 2000 with the remains of the old gasworks lying a couple of feet below. ,
Greenwich The Place Where Days Begin And End By Charles and End by Charles 2001 okay but wanted history of science than 1940s and 50s A very well written informed and informative read It actually reads like a novel than a dry chronology which I have found with some history books He also writes with humour and a great love of words so much so
that intend 
I intend read it again It has turned out to be one of the best history books I read in a long time This is a nice and easy introduction the history of Greenwich It is very well written Jennings writes from the perspective of the current day observer and takes as his starting point what he sees around him in Greenwich which makes it a nice book There is probably not a London suburb with intense historical connections diversity and astonishing buildings and artefacts than Greenwich There are sections on MARITIME GREENWICH home of the Maritime museum and the CUTTY SARK; ROYAL GREENWICH Greenw. O read while strolling around in the Town The Only Draw Back Would Be The only draw back would be the chapter on the Millennium dome is a bit out of date the book was after all published in 1999 Bought this on impulse in the Observatory gift shop and am very pleased I did Charles Jennings is a witty informed and opinionated observer who delves deep into the history of Greenwich and its Uniue Landmarks He S landmarks He s strong on architecture If ou love visiting the area ou ll enjoy this book Two caveats the chapters on the theatre and some of the streets are probably only of interest to local people and the book was published in 1999 so it feels dated in places However this does make the final chapter predict. Ich Park was Henry VIII's favourite residence and where he met Anne Boelyn; SCIENTIFIC GREENWICH home of the Royal Observatory and GMT and of course The Dome itselfWhat's it going to be like compared to similar vast jamborees the Great Exhibition of. Greenwich