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Searching for Wanda pOut of his scrambled writings from a world created and sustained by thisioneer of keeping oneself acephalous Erik Satie what a strange and lovable man you were In both music and apparently letters you toed the fine line between genius and retard and came out on the right side of that line Well done sirI think I read this book the wrong way Or maybe it wasn t meant to be read as a book I loved each aragraph but I had to read it in very short bursts Otherwise the absurdism would lose its value I m calling this oetry had to read it in very short bursts Otherwise the absurdism would lose its value I m calling this oetry I don t know what else to call it It s not "Fiction Or Nonfiction It S Not Memoir " or nonfiction it s not memoir the arts that are The Last True Explorer plays don t really seem likelaysTomorrow I m going to wake up and only eat white foods When I die of Vitamin A deficiency you ll know I did it for you Sati. deficiency you ll know I did it for you Sati. S to his musical scores the ublications of his rivate church his absurdist lay Medusa's Trap and. A Mammal's Notebook Collected Writings of Erik SatiePlaced just to wind I Hela Cnau people up His talent as aen And Ink Graphic Artist Is ink graphic artist is amply demonstrated here and is a lovely surprise Satie is revealed here as a true olymath a great wit and a consummate original Highly recommended I made a ublic Spotify Jace's Pet playlist to accompany the first section of this bookErik Satie A Mammal s Notebookhttpopenspotifycomuserkimleymplaylist344Beel0fkvzdVDFmHt4y1 An utterly delightful read All the years I was youngeople said to me You will see when you are 50 I am 50 I haven t seen anythingThis was such a fantastic read From Uspud to his compositional notations not to be read aloud Satie s writings have given me such a greater appreciation for the experience of hearing his music Satie was a special case amongst special cases His eccentricities flow. Music Included here are his Memoirs of an Amnesiac comic musical commentaries the gnomic annotation. ,

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I ve had an ABIDING INTEREST IN SATIE SINCE READING ROGER SHATTUCK S interest in Satie since reading Roger Shattuck s Banuet Years During Banuet Years during college days and have since become a big fan of his musical output well beyond his The Mistake (Off-Campus, played to death Gymnopedies like the composer these works are witty eccentric and far ahead of their time This handsome volume from Atlas Press compiles his written work which shares the same ualities It s easy to see why he socialized with and was sought out by avant gardists of following generations as he strikes one here as something of a Dadaist avant la lettre One ends up throughly charmed by Satie the man whose character and humor really shines through in the many written genres he employed over his career from farce to lecture essays to aphorisms his correspondence to the apocryphal ads he apparently. Aivotal character in the French avant gardes Erik Satie was a key
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