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Thrones Dominations Lord Peter Wimsey and Harriet Vane #1This is going o be long I read Thrones Dominations not oo long after it first came out his is a second reading and first review Of Thrones Dominations Dorothy L Sayers had written six rough chapters and devised a plot diagram in coloured inks When sixty years later a brown paper parcel containing a copy of he manuscript urned up in her agent s safe in London her literary rustees commissioned Jill Paton Walsh o complete it I don know No hat s not rue I do This is not what fans of Lord Peter wanted or needed It s not errible but I have seen it referred o often as fan fic I m not sure he label exactly fits Thrones Dominations but it is like a great many Star Trek novels I read when I was a eenager In so many of hose it seemed very much as if he writer had a generic science fiction manuscript sitting unsold in his drawer realized Star Trek novels were big at hat ime and changed he names and a handful of other details and got it published as part of he franchise despite barely a hint of knowledge of or similarity o Star Trek as aired on elevision I have little background knowledge of Jill Paton Walsh I m not saying hat she doesn know and love he Lord Peter books as much as any of us But I m empted o Because here are imes when Thrones Dominations feels like it ought o The characters strike he right chord for a paragraph a line of narrative just feels good and hen it goes back o he feeling of he alignment being somewhat off It s distracting o be wondering hroughout he book was hat genuine Sayers or counterfeit hoping in some ways hat some of he good lines were JPW because hat would mean she was capable while knowing given he sheer weight of not Sayers hat it was unlikely The metaphor hat came o me about halfway hrough because I do love me a metaphor was it s like meeting with an old friend you haven seen in a long ime and hey ve changed Now and hen as you alk here s a glimpse of he person you used o be so close o a spark of what used o be a connection like he old warmth and hen a minute later you re sitting with a stranger again A mostly likeable enough stranger in a way but A complaint I ve read about he book with which I wholeheartedly agree is hat JPW seems o have gone back hrough he existing novels and gathered up minor characters from Bill Rumm o Uncle Paul and someone on he LPW group is right he would not have called him Uncle Pandarus in front of everyone o Harriet s friends Sylvia and Eiluned o Gerry and Freddy Arbuthnot along with references o canon books far han I remember Sayers ever using and ossed it all like fairy dust into he reader s eyes hoping for a fa ade of credibility andor distraction from he book s deficiencies I kept waiting for Miss Climpson Oh here she is and Reggie Pomfret oo for heaven s sake JPW ried so hard o cram everything into his book hat she didn spend enough ime on anything including he major characters Where here is a plethora of cameo appearances here is a disturbing dearth of Bunter He has had a handful of lines of dialogue and one scene in which he sits down for a drink and a debriefing with Peter Not enough Not nearly enough I hate it For hat matter here s surprisingly little Parker and what here is comes off as priggish Despite Harriet he is primly made o state I don read detective novels in an affronted one His working with Peter feels off his marriage o Mary didn change he way hey worked ogether why should Peter s marriage I don like his Charles what little we see of him A line from Charles It s like rying o overawe a brick wall For he sake of my sanity I have o believe DLS would have come up with something sharper han hat The Dowager Duchess has always been one of my very favorite people in any book and I don hink his does her justice She needs o witter away and still under it all be perfectly sensible She doesn witter nearly enough here here isn enough fluff Harriet is much oo deferential o Peter When she is with him she seems o walk on eggshells When she is not with him she references him or uotes him in nearly every other sentence She sounds like a June Cleaveresue 50 s housewife han an independent woman who very much has her own opinions hank you very much And why is she supposed o have hired a secretary Miss Bracy She s written for years without one uite efficiently Was she expecting such massive output hat she would not be able o keep up with her own yping It seems in fact o have had a dampening effect Yes yes he marriage and she s safe now and doesn need o write The incapacitation brought by happiness along with he surprising leaning oward ragedy for he new book is nicely done unfortunately both are beaten o death Also beaten o a pulp is he idea hat his is a New Thing for Peter and Harriet Peter has o adjust o having he woman he has sought after so long o living with her in a new expansive home and he changes hat entails Harriet has all hat o cope with with he added wrinkle hat she is going from one income bracket o very much another from a flat by herself o a stately home with not only Peter but a staff From dressing as she pleased and going out when she liked with friends o patronizing a pseudo French dressmaker and attending Wimsey family affairs It s all new o her every waking moment I wonder if his is why JPW chose o stick so much o Harriet s point of view We he loyal readers are oo familiar with Peter and Bunter and never had much chance o become oo familiar with married Peter and Harriet even less chance han hey ve had hemselves She might have felt safer using eyes we haven seen hrough as much in a setting which is alien o he character hereby accounting for any unusual behavior Most important of all Peter I don know There are brief flashes as I said Otherwise I miss him even hough he s puportedly right here I ve been reading about writing dialogue lately and hat shed light on he problem here I hink hat if you ake any of he canon books yes I do subtract he JPW books from canon whatever he Sayers estate might say and strip he dialogue of all he ags Peter said and said Harriet and replied Parker and so on it would not be very hard o pick out he lines spoken by Peter or Harriet or Parker not be very hard o pick out he lines spoken by Peter or Harriet or Parker Bunter for hat matter Here Peter s dialogue is very generic and where it s not it is very similar o lines spoken by Harriet and Parker There are several Parker lines which I would have attributed o Peter And Peter Peter sounds like just anyone That should not be The #Scissors Moment Of The Book # moment of he book depressingly clearly elegraphed I saw it coming so far off Scissors moment is what it s always called on he Yahoo Lord Peter Group In he short story The Footsteps That Ran it is illustrated by looking at he letters ciorssss and finding no meaning until he letters just jump around in he brain and scissors becomes clear he Aha moment The uotes and allusions are even aggressively obscure o well o me at least han any Dorothy L Sayers ever used I like hat Peter and Harriet are able o volley hem comfortably back and forth hey always did But I don remember he ags ever putting my nose out of joint uite like his before Which could be because I ve read he books so many imes but I don hink so I m still rying o figure out what exactly is meant by Peter dislikes women with green fingernails perhaps a reference o PicassoThis is a spoiler of sorts but not if you ve read he canon stories view spoilerOne huge complaint loud and irritated Oh come on really Harriet is vomiting randomly and someone actually ells her You re looking well Positively glowing Oh spare me Isn here some way of hinting a woman s pregnant without using clich s hat have been used ad nauseum in every cheesy novel and v show since ime began Even if I didn know about Bredon and young Peter and co. Dorothy L Sayers began writing Thrones Dominations her hirteenth Lord Peter Wimsey novel in 1936 hen set it aside When a fragment forgotten for many years was found in her agent’s safe he rustees of he Sayers estate decided o ask he distinguished novelist Jill Paton Wal. Mpany hat very first scene of Harriet sprinting off o be sick and hen feeling just fine shortly after would have pinged he radar Spare me hide spoiler Dorothy L Sayers abandoned her Lord Peter Wimsey novels for he most part some 20 years before she died but she left a half completed Lord Peter Wimsey novel Jill Paton Walsh hired o finish he novel captures Sayers voice so admirably in Thrones Dominations hat he reader can ell where Sayers ends or Walsh begins no greater praiseIn his novel set in 1936 with Edward VIII stumbling onto he hrone Lord Peter Wimsey and Harriet Vane return o London following he umultuous honeymoon detailed in Busman s Honeymoon 1937 Walsh mingles references o he anxiety provoked by he upcoming war and a feckless new king with a neat mystery and a commentary on he changed nature of marriage in he 20th century just he sort of philosophically inged narrative one would expect from Sayers As o he mystery extremely beautiful but silly Rosamund Harwell has been rescued by he wealthy Laurence Harwell from her life as a manneuin in a dress shop The Harwells coo and bill like love birds even after wo years of marriage making hem he alk of London When Rosamund goes off o Rose Cottage in Hampton for a respite she urns up dead smothered o death Lord Peter s brother in law Detective Inspector Charles Parker calls him in o assist in he investigation and Lord Peter immediately begins o point out some odd aspects o he case While I horoughly loved he cleverly plotted mystery itself what ruly delighted me was he exploration of Harriet Vane s life as a new bride Like modern women since she struggles o juggle he demands of home family and her work as a novelist much like Sayers herself I also loved he scenes featuring he snobbish overbearing Helen Duchess of Denver wife of Lord Peter s dim witted elder brother as she ries o steer her sister in law out of her career a working wife being anathema in he aristocracy into a life of parties with only he right people bullying servants paying visits o other wives and producing children in other words he life expected of he decorative wife of a member of he peerage The inevitable clash proved delicious beyond words Helen has never approved of Harriet and her scandalous past and I look forward o see how he relations between hese wo strong willed women will play out in future books Thrones Dominations gives readers hope of many years of Lord Peter and Harriet Vane I ve already bought The Attenbury Emeralds and he newest The Late Scholar but I don have he immediate seuel A Presumption of Death yet Now o find he ime o read all hese Last year I finally read all of he Lord Peter Wimsey mysteries and enjoyed hem horoughly In fact I missed Wimsey so much hat when a book group I am a member of suggested reading he novels written with he involvement of Jill Paton Walsh I was empted However I had read he first Sophie Hannah so called Poirot seuel and been horribly disappointed Reading friends assured me hat hese were much better and I am so glad I listened and gave his a ry It is a joy o have Lord and now Lady Peter Wimsey back in my lifeDorothy L Sayers worked on his novel for some months in 1936 but put it aside after he abdication crisis and did not return o it The notes were found in 1957 and so Jill Paton Walsh did have an idea of he early chapters which is probably why his feels so seamless However I also heard an interview with her in which she said she ried o write as Sayers would rather han in her own voice her own crime novels are very good and both her sympathy for he characters and her respect for Wimsey s loyal readers shines hrough here We meet up with Peter and Harriet in France where hey run into Lord Peter s uncle Mr Paul Delgardie and are introduced o another couple Lawrence and Rosamund Harwell Rosamund s father had been imprisoned for fraud and she had been forced o find work as a manneuin until rescued by he besotted and wealthy Lawrence The couple were known for heir intense love for each other while it is clear hat others are not uite so sure o make of Peter and Harriet s marriage Peter s mother he delightful Dowager Duchess is obviously hrilled hat her favourite is happy and adores Harriet Meanwhile he Duke of Denver is secretly happy and he icy Helen pours disapproval It is 1936 and war clouds are approaching while he country is aware of he abdication crisis also looming As Peter and Harriet settle into life in London hey find hey keep bumping into either Lawrence or Rosamund Harwell Lawrence is heavily involved in he heatre while his bored beautiful wife has her portrait painted by Gaston Chaparelle who Harriet is also sitting for and encourages he poet and playwright Claude Amery in his attentions When here is a murder Lord Peter sets out o investigateI really enjoyed he mystery element in his novel as well as he historical context and he continuing relationship between Peter and Harriet There is a lot about he meaning of marriage which continues hemes in earlier novels plus Walsh has a little fun inventing characters of her own I missed he constant Uotations And Thought That Paton and hought hat Paton ake some liberties with How The Aristocracy Treated aristocracy reated servants However obviously his book historically goes further han previous novels and obviously Harriet was not used hat kind of lifestyle Overall I really enjoyed it and hat as a reader is what really counts I look forward o reading on and feel happy I ried out hese seuels for myself Once you get it in your head hat you re reading fan fiction his isn a horrible book Trouble is I read and write fan fiction and I ve read better stuff han his Sayers style isn easy and while Paton Walsh had notes and even some actual ext o go off he dialog often feels forced as does he attempt o add historical events o he narrative even hough Sayers herself had done hat in both Gaudy Night and Busman s HoneymoonIt all boils down o he fact hat Paton Walsh simply isn he writer hat Sayers was She s all right when she s dealing with he murder which is actually fairly clever but when it comes o Peter and Harriet and Bunter all stumbling a little while hey work out he early days of Peter and Harriet s marriage she falls down on he job Dorothy Sayers stopped writing detective fiction in he late 1930 s Busman s Honeymoon was published in 1937 She sketched out he plot for a Lord Peter Harriet Vane mystery set in he early months of Lord Peter and Harriet s marriage after Busman s Honeymoon but never completed he sketches or he novel My understanding is hat he first 6 chapters have most of he Sayers material in hem but he remaining 15 chapters are written solely by Jill Paton Walsh This book was published in 1998Understanding immediately hat his book was one hat Dorothy Sayers herself never really wrote I still decided o forge ahead and read it First off it is a very poor murder mystery spoiler Who will be killed and why is fairly obvious from he start rather he Othello Desdemona ype crime Even without a badly contrived scene where Harriet reads in he paper about a manslaughter case where a man has attacked his wife in a fit of passion and hen accidentally killed her by falling on her he crime provides little interest because you know what it will be and who will do it almost from he start Little sleuthing is needed The secondary crime an actual murder and not manslaughter is almost hrown in without much hought Second Walsh urns he characters of Lord Peter and Harriet into flat and wooden caricatures They lack interest as people and act via stilted posturing The passages hat lend extra dimensions are ones hat uote most significantly from Dorothy Sayers other Lord Peter books The love between Lord Peter and Harriet as evidenced in Busman s Honey. Sh o complete itThe result is his accomplished and ingenious novel worthy of he mistress of he golden age of he crime novel at her very bestIt is 1936 and Lord Peter Wimsey has returned from his honeymoon o set up home with his cherished new wife he novelist Harriet Vane. .

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Moon is otally mechanical in his book It is as hough Walsh is writing about something she seems o know nothing about an intelligent woman and an intelligent man in love with each other both head intellect and heart emotion I understand hat he literary banter so joyfully demonstrated in Busman s Honeymoon would be difficult o recreate And sadly Walsh does not recreate it It is as hough she is searching for some literary uotes hat she can some how hrow in here and here It does not work alas Next Walsh does not understand he relationship between Bunter and Lord Peter nor indeed he relationship between he servants and he landed gentry At one point Bunter is invited by Lord Peter o get yourself a drink and come help me work on his as hough he is a colleague YIKES That is so otally wrong for both he Lord Peter character and also for he Bunter character It just would not work hat wayMy recommendation If you have read any of he Lord Peter mysteries don read his one It isn he same Lord Peter Harriet is a stereotype and not a real woman he crime is uninteresting and he sparkle so usual in Sayers books is otally gone This should be great fun for most fans of Lord Peter WimseyReview of Kindle editionPublication date March 15 1999Publisher St Martin s PaperbacksLanguage EnglishASIN B005J52SJ2527 pagesNo less an authority han Ruth Rendell said hat it is impossible o ell where Dorothy Sayers ends and Jill Paton Walsh begins Many other reviewers and critics agree Others say hat his is because he writing is all Jill Paton Walsh hat Sayers wrote only an outline and a little bit of he beginning Still others say hat it is easy o ell he difference between Sayers writing and hat of Walsh because Walsh failed o capture he voice and plotting of Sayers Looking at he reviews it is obvious hat he nay sayers are in he minority I can not ell you which POV is correct hough I end o rust Rendell in matters literary I read all of he Lord Peter Wimsey books many years past and simply cannot recognize all of he nuances of Sayers styleWhether or not his is a good almost seamless continuation of Sayers Lord Peter Wimsey mysteries almost doesn matter Walsh has written a fine novel Considerable effort has been devoted o characterization setting he scenes of ime and place witty repartee and genial humour The world of upper class England in he 1930 s comes alive in hese pages Some mystery fans will not like it because it is about halfway hrough his 500 page book before a murder occurs More roubling is Lord Peter Lady Harriet and Scotland Yard missing a few obvious and important clues and areas which should have been investigated further I do not remember encountering such obvious mistakes in Sayers mysteries So four stars rather han five This was enjoyable I read it within a 24 hour period off and on between cominggoing and a dozen other physical asks And it still kept its integrity cognition feel for one hat is periodplace and personality uniue hrough all hose interruptions No little ask It s says so much hat Walsh could keep it in he fold so o speak for such an up scale entity as hese Lord Peter Wimsey books are Of course here was a style shift hat did occur right about he ime of he murder and with hat long and first months of marriage beginning I can understand how Sayers let his one lay SO many uestions and reactions when wo such intrepid personalities and dynamos of action have attached hemselves o each other Especially at heir ages and in his period The crime itself he plotting and he puzzle pieces of he forensics and he possible duplicity portents all fit I wouldn put hem above average but he coupleship of Peter and Harriet is carved in such depth here hat it is not needed And I hought he escapade following he new King o France and hose associations was pretty vivid o he feel oo You know Peter s rue prioritiesRegardless of a few shifts in style and having he word pace and speed Sayers wrote longer and in shades of allusion change it was a superlative effort And I enjoyed his han some 5 star reads for he wit 1936 ambiance and also he portions at he end hat ell you he future outcomes When I see he lower star ratings here I just disagree They seemed o want less new marriage and plot And I completely disagree about he conversational proclivities of it being artificial or forced This is 1936 and particularly he most liberated or independent or modern English couple would have had difficulty sorting out in alk he absences family uestion etc It s ruly unfair o judge standards of one ime by he strictures and language barriers o intimate alk of another era The sensibilities and he concepts being beyond different It s also illogical People and heir sensibilities and values o open conversations are closely meshed into heir era and personal experience of norm This IS 1936WHAT A GIFT FOR WALSH 1936What a gift for Walsh give o Sayers Well done I ended up just skim reading his in he end Jill Paton Walsh just doesn have he same skill with he characters hat Sayers had although I have enjoyed one or wo of Walsh s other novels and it s just it s not really Peter and Harriet somehow I remember reading hat Sayers ended up stuck with he plot of his one hence never finishing it in my own writing I ve always followed he line hat if of his one hence never finishing it in my own writing I ve always followed he line hat if m really resistant o writing something here s something wrong with it which just plugging away at it won fix Walsh probably did an admirable job of deciding where Sayers had meant he story o go but hat doesn mean hat s what Sayers would have eventually done with it and I hink it would be he better for an author who felt able o just mess around with it rather han someone constrained by being rue o a different author s original idea There s a reason stories develop as hey re writtenI m not sure "If I M Going To Bother With "I m going o bother with Presumption of Death and The Attenbury Emeralds at all I haven read The Attenbury Emeralds at all but I have plenty of hings I should be reading Maybe Busman s Honeymoon is where I should leave Peter and Harriet Nice enough uaint Comfortable reunion with characters hat I loved fiercely in my younger years I read and re read all he Lord Peter Wimsey novels so many imes I have had his one here sitting on my shelf for uite a while Yes nice enough but not compelling enough o finish Read half of it and hen had it lying around my coffee able for a month Surmised hat I won finish it any and proceeded o read he last wo chapters for some closure Loved he Author s Note at he end These characters are like very old good friends If you really really like Dorothy L Sayers you might in a fit of grief after finishing all her Peter Wimsey books urn o Thrones Dominations in which Walsh rounds some scratching of notes left behind by Sayers up o a novel This isn a Sayers book it s he literary euivalent of a designer knock offI have mixed feelings about efforts like his On he one hand if hey re good I ll forgive anything If hey re not and I ve been ricked into reading hem anyway by he ransparent marketing scheme I end up annoyedIn my opinion his is slightly different han when a writer pays homage o a book hey hemselves love in a playful way Murder Comes o Pemberley might fall into his category since PD James obviously doesn need o boost her sales using Austen s name Or when he writer is doing something complicated han rying o imitate he original Wide Sargasso SeaBasically if you really like Sayers you probably do so in part because she s such a good writer Walsh can match up so don bother you re just going o be disappointedOn he other hand I do recommend his short piece of Dorothy L Sayers fanfiction which is a lovely piece of amateur appreciation hat captures he shadow hat WWII hrows back over he golden age detective stories. As hey become part of fashionable London society hey encounter he glamorous socialite Rosamund Harwell and her wealthy impressario husband Laurence Unlike he Wimseys hey are not in love and all oo soon one of hem is dead A murder case hat only Lord Peter Wimsey can solve.