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This book had everything you could want and was so worth the read I loved this book and can t wait for the last 2 in the series This one ends on a cliffhanger luckily nothing as annoying as the last books This one was shocking good verse the last book was annoying Wow Just wow From start to finish I was on the edge of my seat That ending I need the next book in the series so badly Jillian is a mastermind when it comes to this I am still emotional over how This Book Went The book went The of emotions the perfect scenes Brava Jillian It seems i waited ages for this book but once i got it i didnt want it to end but needed to no what happen to Huntley and Lorenzo so couldnt put it down I love this series ust like lost of Jillians books I cant wait for the next one I ve been a huge fan of the Spy Girl Series by Jillian Dodd but have taken a break until books released so I could binge on them again and now I m back into it and The Dauntless was Alhambra just what I needed and Picking up where The Valiant left off Lorenzo and Huntley are torn apart after finally finding happiness and Huntley is on a mission of her own What I really loved about this book was Huntley figuring things out for herself Not playing by anyone else s rules except for her own and working through figuring out what was going to happen on her own terms She was trying to figure out who she could trust and who she couldn t and that was an interesting aspect of this book We got to see Huntley become human and relatable in this book and I was all for it This book had so many twists and turns and at times I wasn t even sure who could be trusted So many new things come to light and things you think you know are definitely shown not to be true in The Dauntless and I enjoyed every single piece of it I hated seeing Huntley and Lorenzo torn apart and I hated the decisions Huntley made because of it but seeing her shine on her own and working through solving the mystery of what is going on was amazing Iust wish she could do that and have Lorenzo with her at the same timeThis series keeps getting better and better and I can t wait to dive into the next book especially with how this book ended The Spy Girl Series must be read in order but trust me this is a series you will want to read it has angst love twists and turns secrets and lies everything you could possibly want in a series This series really has me totally hooked I loved this book although not as much as the previous one but only because the previous book. Can one girl save the worldHuntley Von Allisters cover is firmly in place Shes brilliantly completed her first four missions But she is doneDone working for Black XDone trying to. ,

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The Dauntless (Spy Girl Book 5)Has action This one is about conspiracy finding out who is trustworthy etc Still thrilling and definitely exciting I couldn t put it down Now I am dying to start the next one I love the spy girl books and this one is thrilling heartbreaking and with surprises all along The story line has intrigues suspense and romance all wrapped up with a strong resourceful female characterIt continues with the story of the previous books if you want to read a strong resourceful female characterIt continues with the story of the previous books if you want to read you have to start at the beginning of the series it s all connected The book ended uickly with a cliffhanger I thought the author should have finished the story with a longer book Waiting to continue is hard for me I wanted to spend time with the characters The Dauntless Spy Girl 5 by Jillian Dodd45 stars In most seafaring cultures they say the captain should go down with his ship I love my country but I fear it s sinking and it will take me under This series is so addictive every time a new instalment comes out I am on it and read through "at a rate of knots As with all previous instalments this book is action packed fast paced addictive and all consuming " a rate of knots As with all previous instalments this book is action packed fast paced addictive and all consuming the attention to detail was phenomenal The amount of research and effort is astonishing and the reward is definitely for the reader to reap Our amazing heroine goes rogue in this instalment as Huntley Von Allister gets closer and closer to getting the answers she desperately craves but are the answers ones she wants to hearThis series is now five books in yet it doesn t feel that way This is a series that is worthy of a TV serial and I would love to see it on screen The possibilities are endless with a heroine such as Huntley Huntley is a trained killing machine but one thing she has been starved of is love and affection since the death of her parents Huntley Finds It Hard To Trust Rightly So it hard to trust rightly so the friendships that she makes throughout this series are ones to be cherished Yet it has got to that point where Huntley has to go back and assess everybody Who can she really trust who has their own agenda who is really on her sideThe Dauntless picks up where The Valiant left off and the cliffhanger is answered uickly thank god Huntley resumes the trail of breadcrumbs that she has been left still finding trouble wherever she goes that is answered as only Huntley knows how Like I said above the attention to detail and research is second to none and this all adds up to deliver one incredibly addictive story that I ust couldn t let go Reading as fast I could while still di. Untangle the mystery of what got her mother killed And very very done with loveShes given herself a simple missionto recover the precious memories of her final days with her mother. ,