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Orts Reformbemuehungen The authors assume that it is not cost control but issue of rising healthcare utilization that can unite all stakeholders In recommendations they explain how health care providers should organize themselves in the competition for uality and how health insurance funds can play a active role The remuneration system should reward excellence in the care of individual illness scenarios. Payment must shift to models that reward excellent providers Also private insurance must be integrated in the risk pooling system These steps are practical and achievable as numerous examples in the book emonstrate Moving to a value based health care System Is The Only Way the only way Germany to continue to ensure to excellent health care for everyone.

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Redefining German Health Care: Moving to a Value-Based SystemPorter s prior Redefining Health Care presented his theory for a value based health care reform This is the use case The book escribes the experience of moving to a value based system in Germany The book oes present the lessons learned from the experience but I still sense that things were harder than presented Nevertheless there s a lot of good stuff in here The still sense that things were harder than presented Nevertheless there s a lot of good stuff in here The title is interesting While the US title The German health care system is on a collision course with budget realities Costs Are High And are high and and uality problems are becoming everapparent Decades of reforms have produced little change to these troubling trends Why has Germany failed to solve these cost and uality problems The reason is that Germany has not set value for patients as the ove. S a bland Redefining German Care the German title Chancen f r as eutsche Gesundheitssystem Von Partikularinteressen zu mehr Patientennutzen which is the colorful title Chances for the German Health System From Private Interests to More Patient UtilityThe German blurb is roughlyCosts in the German health care system are rising while uality problems are becoming increasingly evident espite reform eff. Rarching goal efined as the patient health outcomes achieved per euro expendedThis book lays an action agenda to move Germany to a high value system care must be reorganized around patients and their medical conditions providers must compete around the outcomes they achieve health plans must an active role in improving subscriber health and. ,