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Redefining Health Care: Creating Value-based Competition on ResultsBe excellent although I find it wanting in regard their disparagement of a single payersingle insurer system and to wanting in regard to their disparagement of a payersingle insurer system and to description and analysis of healthcare systems outside the USA From my perspective private health plans play onl Item was used sold as new but was stained and written on Great baseline for anyone who wants to understand gamut of the healthcare market and all the ey employers plans providers consumers suppliers Yes it s all covered and value based care and how to achieve VBC is well treated This book is an excellent opinion piece defining and clarifying some important ideas which are still as un tested today as they were when it was writtenThe main criticisms of this book are that there are few data to support their concepts The reason for this is no one has tried anything like the approaches they suggest in either uality improvement or safety if we accept for the moment that these are separate areas of activityThe whole point is that they are suggesting one point which I agree they hammer and re hammer over and over health care must be devaluated measured paid for on the basis of outcome measured over the entire cycle of the patient s diseaseUnfortunately the best we have so far is to measure mini outcomes And when it comes to many inds of cancer of CAD or stroke etc one procedure one OR episode or even one hospitalization is a TINY portion of the health care that the patient in uestion will receiveIt is the wrong narrow focus in time and other incorrect foci that they discussIf their ideas were in place then someone maybe they will write a book evaluating how effective their ideas are There are no data at best we have data on very short term result Often evaluations are based on process variables intermediate variables or whatever name you want for themI m waiting for some data to analyze. Ustive study of the US health care system Redefining Health Care lays out a breakthrough framework for redefining the way competition in health care delivery takes placeand unleashing stunning improvements in uality and efficiencyWith specific recommendations for hospitals doctors health plans employers and policy makers this book shows how to move health care toward positive sum competition that delivers lasting benefits for al. ,

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Spital centersThe authors do an excellent job of highlighting the levers in the domains of each stakeholder that must be switched on for transformation highlighting the levers in the domains of each stakeholder that must be switched on for transformation a value based market place to happen I argue that it will happen out of economic and technological developments as well as the influence of globalization rather than via any significant policy changes with the exception of a government mandate for individual health insurance coverage that has now been passed at the federal levelEven though I share the opinion of several other reviewers that the book is unnecessarily lengthly and redundant I do recommend it For Its Broad Viewpoints And its broad viewpoints and supporting case studies I strongly recommend reading this book as well as the company which delivered it to me This is the finest healthcare management book I have read Despite it being written almost two decades ago it encapsulates the ey elements ofensuring value in healthcare I think that if one reads this book first other books such as competitive advantage are even meaningful when applied to healthcareMichael Porter has a style that really is a joy to read This book will uplift and enthuse all those in the NHS who care to read it This book has received probably disproportionate attention due to Prof Porter s notoriety as a strategic thinking theorist There are better books on healthcare available In particular I recommend the BodenheimerGrumbach books one on healthcare policy and one on primary care Dr Arnold Relman s book A Second Opinion Strained Mercy an outstanding and thorough analysis of healthcare economics with particular regard to Canada s healthcare system and Pricing the Priceless a technically oriented economic analysis by Prof Joseph Newhouse among other booksI find the analysis of the USA healthcare system by Profs Porter and Teisberg to generally. He problem and provide a powerful prescription for changeThe authors argue that competition currently takes place at the wrong levelamong health plans networks and hospitalsrather than where it matters most in the diagnosis treatment and prevention of specific health conditions Participants in the system accumulate bargaining power and shift costs in a zero sum competition rather than creating value for patients Based on an exha. Excelent This is Porter and colleagues turning their considerable understanding to healthcare and healthcare will be the better for it Should be widely read even outside the US which is its focus as many of the things that are wrong with healthcare are not just in the US but features how we organise run and finance healthcare The study of Germany which followed this is brilliant Why doesn t it follow the progression to higher uality study of Germany Which Followed This Is Brilliant Why Doesn T It which followed this is brilliant Why doesn t it the progression to higher uality lower prices as most other industries do These are some of the uestions that authors Michael Porter of Harvard Business School and Elizabeth Teisberg of University of Virginia School of Business attempt to answer The book paints an accurate portrait of the shortcomings of the US health care system which fails to identify and scale up providers who provide the highest uality health care at the lowest costHealth care providers health plans payers and consumers are responsible for our low performing high cost health care system Real reform of the system has implications for all stakeholders and optimistically this reform is already underway Improvements in health care uality reporting and access to these data by consumers and payers is increasing providers are consolidating from solo private practices to medical groups wherein health plans are supporting transformations to patient center medical homes that actively manage patient health status through preventive care and case management Employers are expecting that health plans augment their provider contracting discounts and claims processing with health and wellness programs including disease management Health care technology including electronic medical records and telemedicine are improving the portability of health information and enabling remote hospitals to instantly access medical specialists at nationally and internationally recognized ho. The US health care system is in crisis At stake are the uality of care for millions of Americans and the financial well being of individuals and employers sueezed by skyrocketing premiumsnot to mention the stability of state and federal government budgetsIn Redefining Health Care internationally renowned strategy expert Michael Porter and innovation expert Elizabeth Teisberg reveal the underlyingand largely overlookedcauses of .