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Ung Princess Elizabeth The political and divides are #causing ncertainty and deep fear at every level Currency has been debased there growing civil nrest as common #uncertainty and deep fear at every level Currency has been debased there s growing civil nrest as common is enclosed by the nobility and people struggle to surviveShardlake encounters his old enemy Richard Rich who is ever hopeful that he can find an excuse to send him to the Tower again Shardlake is sent to Norfolk where the death of John Boleyn s wife may bring discredit to the Boleyn s Our protagonist has survived being on the nose in the court Of Henry VIII And Is Now Living Through The Reigns Henry VIII and is now living through the reigns Henk s children CJ Sansom continues to find little known episodes in Tudor history to both delight and enlighten readers and Shardlake continues to be a sympathetic voice in an era of almost Natives: Race and Class in the Ruins of Empire - The Sunday Times Bestseller unremitting horrors I m a fan of the Shardlake series but this one was a slog As other reviewers have noted the section the very large section of the book that takes place in the camp is excruciatingly dull and seems to go on forever There is also a tiresome abundance of psychopaths a pair of murderous twins a deranged homicidal grandfather a coldly murderous schemer a yeoman with a disproportionate and violent grudge plus thesual loathesome selfishness and entitlement from the privileged classes And psychopaths tend to make such dull two dimensional characters one is bore but five or are really hard to takeThat said I really liked the author s depiction of how pervasive and cult like the support for the class system was at the time It s been an ongoing theme of the series and was even central here The class system wasn t just some random histori. En years old His ncle Edward Seymour Lord Hertford rules as Edward's regent and Protector In the kingdom radical Protestants are driving the old religion into extinction while the Protector's prolonged war with Scotland has led to hyperinflation and economic collapse Rebellion is stirring among the peasantryMatthew Shardlake has been working as a lawyer in the service of Henry's young. Cal contingency it was an ideology that was actively reinforced and viciously defended by the elites even by the principled and kindly elites First there seems to be some confusion about the release dates of this book I have it on to be some confusion about the release dates of this book I have it on October 2018 so no worries there Perhaps I ought to have waited for the hardback to join all the other CJ Sansoms on my shelves because this is a keeperSet in 1549 when Henry VIII s young son Edward has inherited his father s throne it deals with an prising against Edward s guardian the Lord Protector Somerset The rebellion is led by two brothers from Norfolk called Kett and the story centres on the city of Norwich which at that time was England s second biggestAs with all of Sansom s Tudor novels it stars the hunchback lawyer Matthew Shardlake and his sidekick Jack Barak They re sent by Edward s older step sister the Lady Elizabeth later een Elizabeth I to investigate a gruesome murder near Norwich when Kett s Rebelion eruptsIn short of all the Shardlake novels I think this is Sansom s finest creation I studied Tudor history at a school founded and named after Edward VI just across the road from where Sansom himself studied at Birmingham University but had no inkling of the extent of the rebellions of #1549 We were founded in 1552But important Shardlake as a character continues to develop and the were founded in important Shardlake as a character continues to develop and the is truly excellent It s a great yarn filled with superb historical insights and detail Highly recommended And with a very intelligent learned yet easily readable coda reviewing the historical sources with Sansom s own well informed comments Oh did I say Highly recommended. Er daughter the lady Elizabeth The gruesome murder of one of Elizabeth's distant relations rud to be politically murdered draws Shardlake and his companion Nicholas to the lady's summer estate where a second murder is committedAs the kingdom explodes into rebellion Nicholas is imprisoned for his loyalty and Shardlake must decide where his loyalties lie with his kingdom or with his lady. .

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 Tombland (The Shardlake Series, 7)600 pages of tter boredomPaper thin murder buried nder a forest #Pulp Of Irrelevant #of irrelevant historical Shardlake himself might have said I a hunch my time s p I have been following Shardlake through each and every novel written so far The writer is good at recreating the atmosphere of the age The pursuit of a case is thorough and it keeps the reader goingThis is not the case with the last novel Tombland Shardlake and his friends get caught Thing He Loves up in a rebellion Mouse Heath and the novel drags on and on for than one hundred pages focusing on the just cause of the rebellionNeedless to say that the murder case investigated gets put on the back burner and the reader is given a history lesson in social justiceHow likely is it historically speaking that a high ranking lawyer who is employed by the futureeen Elizabeth 1 would love a peasant rebellion to the point where he would live in a camp for than six weeks and wholeheartedly behave and adopt 20th century socialist views of social justiceAlso this is marketed as crime fiction If I wanted a history of social justice in that age I would pick Dr. Witchs Animal Hospital up a different bookI am really disappointed The wait for the next book in the Shardlake series has been well worth it This is a real blockbuster and C J Sansom for my money is a truly superb storyteller It just doesn t get any betterEngland s monarchy is at a crossroads following the death of Henry VIII the country is bankrupt the regent prince Edward is being manipulated by various nobles all of whom are keen to gain power There s constant plotting and intrigue to discredit individuals including the yo. During the politicalpheaval of Tudor era England the lawyer Matthew Shardlake must decide where his loyalties lie in one of the best ongoing mystery series for fans of Hilary Mantel Christian Science MonitorLONGLISTED FOR THE SIR WALTER SCOTT PRIZE FOR HISTORICAL FICTIONSpring 1549 Two years after the death of Henry VIII England is sliding into chaosThe nominal king Edward VI is elev.

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